35+ Genius Ways To Reuse Old Drawers – DIY Recycled Craft Ideas

35+ Genius Ways To Reuse Old Drawers – DIY Recycled Craft Ideas

Using old drawers for storage, room decoration, or an even more creative purpose. Creative ways to repurpose old dresser drawers:

1. Repurposed old drawers into shelves
2. DIY storage table
3. Hanging jewelry organizers
4. Chalkboard drawers
5. Hanging jewelry organizers ideas
6. Old drawer to pet bed
7. Repurposed drawer clock
8. Using old drawers for garden decor: diy self-watering planter and hanging vegetable or herb garden.
9. Creative bulletin boards to craft
10. Drawers into wall storage
11. Framed drawer shadow box
12. Craft storage shelf from a drawer
13. Using old drawers into rustic room decor
14. DIY vintage room decor with old drawers

and more cute DIY crafts ideas!

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