Building a Pallet Vertical Garden – Easy DIY by Warren Nash

If you’re limited on space in the garden, then check out my first ever DIY video. Here is how to build a vertical garden using a pallet. A perfect project as we approach Summer.

Let your imagination go wild with ideas. When building this planter, I also attached a bird feeder and made a shelf for pots, using scrap pallet wood. This would also look great indoors, in a conservatory.

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Tools and supplies you’ll need for this project:

– A pallet
– Weed blocker sheets
– A staple gun or hammer/nails
– Screws and a screwdriver
– A drill
– Hooks and cable ties
– Scissors, Stanley knife and a saw
– Empty plastic bottles
– Stones and compost
– A birdfeeder and small plant pots
– Plants

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