We were looking to build a lighted sign for our building and came across this video demonstrating a simple technique

This channel has some fantastic ‘how-to’ projects. Many use rustic wood that fit the current vibe. Grab some pallet wood and go! If you want something cleaner than pallet wood, drive by your local fence company. They are often disposing of old fence material that has a fantastic weathered look. Many put it out at the road for free.

The creator takes a simple print out of letters and adheres them to a board for cutting. Form there he uses a jigsaw to cut out the letters and then sands/files the rough edges.

After doing this, a simple box is built to frame the sign and provide an area for the lighting. A translucent material is added to back the cutouts and then the interior letter parts are adhered to that. Some sanding and a nice stain complete the piece. This is a really simple technique that looks very cool in just about any space. We will be building our own soon.

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