Tropical Urban Demonstration Garden Tour in Hawaii

John from shares with you the Urban Gardening Center in Pearl City, Hawaii. In this episode John visits this amazing demonstration garden that teaches the locals about gardening and being more sustainable. A fun place to visit as a tourist or a local. In this episode you will see many of the different areas of the garden where they are demonstrating different ways to grow crops in an urban setting. You will see examples of row crop gardening, square foot gardening, container gardening, roof gardening, pallet garden, 5 gallon bucket garden, vertical gardening, rain gutter gardening, pvc gardening, train garden, culinary garden and so much more. You will also learn about many tropical vegetables and fruits that can be grown in Hawaii or other tropical areas. After watching this episode you will learn about many aspects of gardening, growing food and ways to do it to be more sustainable such as worm composting and standard composting…. Finally you will discover one of John’s favorite foods in the whole world.

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